At Tuff Playstructures we are passionate about the safety of your children.

Whilst most developed countries have legislation governing the safety of playground equipment, there is sadly no such legislation in South Africa. This has unfortunately left the door wide open to many unscrupulous operators who supply and build structures with no regard for quality or the safety of your children.

As a market leader with a proud history, we have, some years back recognised the need to distance ourselves from this type of business practice and have to this end voluntarily adopted the European Standard for Playground Equipment. We can assure you that any play structure designed and built by us will comply to this internationally recognised standard wherever the local conditions and materials permit.

On our structures you will, for example, always find horizontal ladder sections countersunk into vertical support poles, no bolts will be left protruding to cause possible injury but will instead be recessed into the poles and we will never fit wooden swing seats under any circumstances.

To offer our customers further piece of mind, we have a R20 million product liability insurance policy to cover you against possible defective design, manufacture or installation of our play structures.